Site updates

You’ve probably witnessed the madness of me trying to make my music page right, or you haven’t (thank God) – but seriously I have rebuilt this site with a new theme, and in my opinion… it is better.

So if you are reading this, this may be the last I update the site’s GUI until I change it again or add something else. What has changed?

  1. The theme
  2. rearranged a few pages
  3. added a store
  4. new gallery page (same as what the artwork page was, just better)

So I hope you enjoy my site. More updates to come soon, and a new documentary I made is coming out soon.

ALSO: my albums arent finished with gathering the files for selling as MP3’s – so bare with the current “out of stock” labels. Not that you’d buy one…they’re just not ready yet.


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