Music created based on a machinima film and later used as a personal project for anyone to use. It’s made to be played from the beginning to the end.
Music composed to resemble the Lord Jesus Christ – using sounds that may have been used (similar) from the time of Christ. Featuring “Bloodlines” soundtrack which is coming out soon. Music by Jesse Lee Don Pringle. Music composed from the album “Bloodlines” featuring a short music video using GTA V.
back to all I’m taking a break from landscapes and doing other types of digital art. You can say this was inspired by Cyberpunk but I started this before the game came out using assets from kitbash3d and the Unreal 4 engine. I then painted the rest of the details in Photoshop. So, this is […]
Some screenshot artwork from AC Valhalla. Made using the PC version and Nvidia shield. Captured in 4k (more coming)
back to all Music by Jesse Lee Don Pringle